Out now: the winter issue

We’ve taken the bite out of winter’s chill in this colourful edition of Plascon SPACES magazine. The trees may have lost their green lustre, but if you’re snuggled up indoors with the crackling orange warmth of a fire to keep you warm and a copy of this issue to devour, all will be right in your world.


For starters you can read all about Catherine Raphaely’s intriguing designer board game, Escape from Samsara, on these pages. It’s both stylish and spiritually enlightening – a sure way to keep your mind off the cold. And don’t miss the transformation of a bleak space into a colourful urban yogi’s playground in our story on Unraveled Yoga Studio on Cape Town’s trendy Bree Street.

Out now: the winter issue


There are so many spaces in this issue to inspire you. There’s the nursery school in Stellenbosch that received a vivid makeover in Plascon hues; we take a look at one of the most remarkable historic homes in the country – a study in shades of cream and white – in our extract from the coffee table book Remarkable Heritage Houses of South Africa (Quivertree) and there is even an office space that has been given a colour makeover to create a space where play seems more likely than the daily grind.

Out now: the winter issue


As always in Plascon SPACES, making colour magic from your own blank canvas is top of mind. That said; don’t gloss over the informative answers to readers’ questions provided by Plascon colour expert Donovan Bezuidenhout. They really are your ticket to DIY success. And then, filled with confidence, do try the glam projects using gold leaf and a retro mesh design as shown step by step by artist Charlie Vettori. Last, but not least in the DIY department, décor maven Annemarie Meintjes’ project involving raw concrete and Plascon Terranova is an outright revelation.

Out now: the winter issue

Winter may be the season to remain indoors but thanks to the inspiration and guidance you’ll find on these pages, it’s also the perfect time to give your home a colour transformation.

Grab a copy of Plascon SPACES issue 24 now and pick up a paintbrush this winter.


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