Revive Your Kitchen Tiles

Feeling a bit uninspired by the state of your kitchen décor? Paint effects specialist Charlie Vettori shows you how to update the heart of your home by reviving your kitchen tiles.


PAINT: Plascon Acrylic Scumble Glaze (GSL 2), Plascon Tile and Melamine Primer, Plascon Wall & All in Ravine (NEU 05) and Starlight Express (Y5-E1-3), and Plascon Waterbased Glazecoat (REF 1125).


OTHER: 320-grit sand paper, empty containers, 10 cm and 15 cm paintbrushes, old cloth and sponge roller.


Mix Starlight Express with acrylic scumble and water in a ratio of 1:2:1.


Step 1: Sand the tiles, then apply one coat of tile primer to the tiles using a fine sponge roller and allow to dry completely. Using a roller, apply two coats of Ravine to the tiles, allowing them to dry between coats. 


Step 2: Apply the scumble mix to the surface of the tiles using a smaller brush, making sure to get into all the grouted areas. Smooth the surface using your dry brush. Remove the glaze using a cloth in some areas if you’d like there  to be a slight variation in the tone of the tiles.


Step 3: Using the larger dry brush, work the glaze in all directions, firmly pushing it into the dimpled roller marks underneath until the glaze becomes sticky. Work the glaze into this underlying surface until a good texture appears and the glaze is almost dry. Seal using two coats of Plascon Waterbased Glazecoat.


Photographs: Graeme Wyllie
Production: Klara van Wyngaarden
Paint Techniques and text: Charlie Vettori
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