Hem in your little one with this easy battlements paint technique.

Paint transforms a room and with a bit of creative flair you can make your baby’s room really special. The answer is to keep it simple – one good idea, well-executed. In an extract from her book, Baby Rooms and Nurseries, Sam Scarborough – talented stylist, author, designer and mom – shares a simple technique for a baby boy’s room.

  • With a pencil, draw a horizontal line across the required height of the wall – measured from the floor up. A spirit level will ensure your line is level.
  • Make a rectangular template to stencil the castellated pattern repeatedly onto the wall.
  • After drawing out, use masking tape to form a neat edge for the paint. Remember: When painting over the masking tape, always do the brush strokes towards the painted area and not against the tape.
  • Remove the masking tape before the paint is completely dry to prevent pulling any paint off the wall.

HERE’S A TIP: Cupboard doors are potential canvases. Paint an old wooden cupboard matt white, and adorn it with light-blue birds. To achieve a slightly worn effect, once the paint is fully dry, lightly sand over the bird and the edges of the cupboard trim.

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