Transform a nursery with pretty murals and personalised letters.

In an extract from her book, Baby Rooms and Nurseries, Sam Scarborough – talented stylist, author, designer and mom – shares easy and effective ideas for making baby’s room extra special.

  • Hand-painted murals are easy if you first draw the image onto the wall in pencil. Alternatively, use a printed cutout as a template and trace your image onto the wall. A fine brush and steady hand to colour in your image is all you need.
  • Combine a wall mural with an alphabet letter and name. This one was painted freehand onto the wall. Have a bunny soft toy to tie in with the bunny theme. Mix and match cot linen and blankets and choose a plain mosquito net to soften the flat wall of pink.
  •  If you’re not brave enough to tackle a whole wall or cupboard, test your painting skills on something smaller, like a door knob or wooden toys and letters.
  • Mix and match personalised decorative letters to fit the colour theme in your room. Choose striped cushions, blankets and bed linen to complement the look

Old cupboards are often dingy inside and a quick lick of paint can really transform them into something unique. Why not paint the inside of a cupboard door cheerful pink and cover the shelves and surface with a patterned fabric to soften the interior?

Watch Sam painting murals and get step-by-step video guidance on her website,

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