Above: Grey Hay Highback Armchair, Créma Design. Big Easy Sofa, Okha. Blue Scatter (left), Mavromac. Two Barstools, Abode. Claesson Koivisto Rune Lamp, Kartell. Occasional Table with three legs, LIM. Ceramic Vase (left), Ceramic Factory. Leather Pouffe, Moroccan Warehouse. Carpet, Créma Design. Fornasarig Wolfgang Lounge Chair, Kartell. Pendant Light, L’Orangerie. White Shell bowl (right), Block and Chisel.

For 2015’s Forecast, Plascon partnered with Global Colour Research, the colour experts behind MIX magazine – a global thought leader in colour and design trends. With the combination of our unique viewpoints and experience, we hope to help bring colour inspiration to the South African market in a new and exciting way.

Paint colour trends are always influenced by bigger shifts in fashion and design, and this season is no different. Informed by the latest happenings in these arenas, we have come up with four distinct themes.


Evoking an atmosphere of mystery and contemplation, Urban Glow explores an ethereal world within an urban scene. Inspired by sunrise and sunset over the cityscape, a beautiful combination of colour travels from faint wisps to the more graphic accents of the industrial landscape. This blend of barely there pastel tones and dark shades creates an enigmatic yet positive mood.

Above: Pink Napkins, LIM. Green Ceramic Vase, Ceramic Factory. Dark Grey Ceramic Vase, Ceramic Factory. Yellow Ceramic Jug, Ceramic Factory. Light Grey Bud Vase, Lime Grove. Two Chairs, Chair Crazy. Huguenot Table and Bench, Pedersen + Lennard. Floor Boards in White Pine, Albert Carpets.

Key influences: layered colour, ombre and diffused shades, iridescence, geometric graphics, colour blocking.


The trend for earth-inspired themes gains new dimensions in Natural Balance. Darker tones of organic greens reflect the rugged forest and inspire interiors where walls, floors and ceilings are all immersed in deep colour. Weathered treatments, mottled pattern and watercolour effects all influence this trend’s aesthetic. This new take on a lasting theme provides comfort and tranquility, with an added sense of mystery evoking soothing yet sumptuous hideaways.

Above: Bed and Table Legs, Weylandts. Wooden Stools, Nap. Vases, Haas. Cement Bowl, LIM. Gubi Grasshoppa Floor Lamp, Créma Design. Gubi Semi Pendant, Créma Design. Hay Mint Metal Side Table, Créma Design. Linen Cushion Covers, Aldona.

Key influences: weathered treatments, gloss sheen, rich colour, metallic accents, tranquil spaces.


Vivid Expression is a celebration of excess, with bright colours uniting in one story and reflecting a world of abundance. Decadent and high-spirited, this theme reflects a global culture through a combination of hot tropical hues and neutral organic shades. Our senses are heightened in this lively story, where we get an instant rush of adrenaline, complemented by a colour overload that inspires large-scale designs. Surface decoration becomes indulgent and rich, with bold tones and playful application creating a joyful experience.

Above: Hay Side Table, Créma Design. Green Robot Figure, Curate. Table Light, eldc. Watercolour Cushion, Stable. Cushion (back right), Weylandts. Blue Linen, Artefect. Stone Duvet Cover, Aldona. Linen Pajamas, Aldona.

Key influences: sensory overload, colour clash, artistic style, mix-and-match design, playful application.


Delighting in the everyday, Tailor Made explores a quiet luxury where simple design is valued for its honest and thoughtful approach. Familiar objects and everyday materials are combined with warm neutrals while evocative finishes such as metallic, concrete and marble enhance the overall effect through tactility and depth.

Above: Brutus Occasional Chair, Weylandts. Copper and Gold Void Lights, Créma Design. Brass Hex Coffee and Side Tables, Haldane Martin. Black Bowl, LIM. Candlesticks, Okha. Tom Dixon Scent Copper Candle, Créma Design. Bella Dog, Expresso. Floor Boards in White Pine, Albert Carpets.

Key influences: comforting colour, familiar objects, handcrafted items, luxe finishes, textured surfaces.

Concept: Global Colour Research

Creative and Design: ITI

Creative Direction: Liezel Norval Kruger

Assistants: King Juliet Productions

Photographer: Micky Hoyle

Paint Specialist Tim Goodman

Colours: , ,