May 2015: Summer Memory

While the northern hemisphere welcomes spring in May, we’re beginning to feel the chill of winter. Yellow is a great colour to introduce into your décor scheme to add a bit of warmth when it’s cold outside. This month we’re highlighting a striking yet subtle yellow called Summer Memory Y2-A1-3 from the Plascon Inspired Colour System.

Used as a wall colour – yellow will add warmth and provide a cosy, friendly and inviting atmosphere. Summer memory has an orange undertone, which makes it more golden and less intense than brighter yellows.

Golden and buttery yellows work better as wall colours as bright yellows may be too overpowering and are best used as accents.

We hope you enjoy some inspirational and clever ideas we discovered while surfing the web.


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Bright yellows work well as accent colours to add interest and attract the eye.


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With Plascon’s new Velvaglo water-based paint, painting doors has never been easer. Perk up a plain white door or create a warm, welcoming entrance by painting your front door a cheerful yellow.


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There are many beautiful shades of yellow available. Be sure to look at the lighter shades of Summer Memory on the Inspired Colour stand. On the softer side, other great yellows include Mellow Glow (Y3-A1-4) and Namaqua Daisy (Y4-A2-1).


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