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Well-dressed walls     

Painting a space isn’t just about choosing a suitable colour. It’s also about the finish you want to achieve, and the type of paint you want to use. Here’s what’s trending this season – and how to bring it into your home.

“Green isn’t just a colour to us,” says Plascon Marketing Manager, Carol Ras. “The Plascon Green Philosophy is to deliver progressive and sustainable solutions in environmentally aware quality products.” The company’s Environmental Management Systems comply with SABS requirements, which means all Plascon manufacturing sites are 100% certified. Plascon has also reduced the volume of hazardous raw material waste by adopting waste solidification and compaction technology.

Cleaner choices

  • Both Plascon Double Velvet and Plascon Cashmere contain Breatheasy™,  a patented formulation that releases fewer harmful chemicals.
  • Plascon’s RemovALL range of paint strippers is non-chemical based and non-toxic.

Paint tips

  • Always apply at least two coats of Cashmere or Double Velvet to ensure a rich, even finish.
  • RemovALL Coating Remover for Wood is ideal for stripping old varnish and lacquer from windows and doors, while RemoveALL Weathered Wood Restorer helps restore heavily greyed wood surfaces to their natural beauty before painting.

Texture is trending and the easiest way to bring it to your walls is with Plascon Designer Range Suede, a water-based interior paint designed to look like brushed suede.
“Plascon Suede’s faux suede effect is enhanced by its ability to absorb and reflect light, creating a sense of depth and richness that can’t be achieved by conventional faux finishes,” says Carol. “It’s an ideal choice for below a dado rail or to highlight a feature wall in any room of your home.”

Surface appeal

  • Plascon Suede comes in a range of fashionable colours – perfect for those with their finger on the interior design pulse.
  • It dries quickly, so two coats can be applied in one day – allowing you to create your designer wall in no time at all.

Paint tips

  • Plascon Suede needs to be applied to a smooth surface, so prepare you walls well before you start. Fill any cracks and holes and sand down surfaces until they’re smooth.
  • Apply a base coat first. Plascon Polvin Walls & Ceilings, tinted to a similar shade to your chosen Suede, is ideal. Allow it to dry thoroughly before you apply the Plascon Suede.
  • Stir the Suede in a circular lifting motion for five minutes before you start painting. Continue stirring the paint at regular intervals during application.
  • Use a Hamilton’s long nap synthetic roller to apply the first coat of Suede. Avoid overspreading.
  • Allow the first coat to dry for at least four hours. Then apply the second coat using a wide Hamilton’s Professional Brush and working in overlapping crisscross strokes. “Ensure the brush is wet at all times,” says Carol.
  • To ensure a perfect finish, don’t dilute the paint, and work in smaller areas of one to two square metres at a time. Allow 30 minutes after applying the second coat for your faux suede effect to appear.


If you’re looking for something that will stand the test of time, Plascon Cashmere is a hardwearing paint that will look irresistibly smooth for years to come. “Cashmere’s Triple Action Bead™ technology means it diffuses more light, allowing it to hide imperfections on walls and give them a smooth finish,” says Carol. “It also forms a protective barrier for a longer-lasting plush matt finish.”

The perfect coat

  • Cashmere can be used on interior and exterior walls.
  • It is stain resistant and easy to wipe clean, which makes it ideal for family homes where there are young children.
  • Its protective barrier means that it always maintains its matt finish, so regular washing won’t cause shiny patches.
  • Its lead-free formulation and low VOC levels makes it ideal for bedrooms, nurseries and living areas.
  • The choice of colours extends all the way over the rainbow into the pot of gold and back again. “Cashmere can be tinted into thousands of colours from the Plascon Inspired Colour System,” says Carol.

Paint tips

  • Calculate how much paint you need before you start. One litre of Cashmere covers approximately 10 square metres, so measure your walls and work out the area you need to cover.
  • Ensure walls are clean and smooth before you start painting, and remove any hooks, nails or fittings.
  • Start painting by cutting in at the corners and along the floor and ceiling with a Hamilton’s paintbrush. Then use a Hamilton’s Polypile roller for the bulk of the surfaces.
Well-dressed walls

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