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Open House     

Restore, dont rebuild

To give the entire house a contemporary feel, the Oregon floorboards were sanded and then stained by a professional flooring company using Plascon's Woodcare Interior Coloured Varnish in Walnut (VSN-5) and sealed with Woodcare Interior Floor Varnish.

The bedroom wall was painted with Plascon Cashmere Legacy, a light-reflecting colour that helps make the space seem larger. Although there isn't a separate study in this largely open-plan home, a quiet corner was transformed into an easily identifiable work area simply by painting a panel of colour. The clay tones of Plascon Cashmere Legacy provide a pleasingly neutral background and allow the feature panel, in Plascon Cashmere Vestige, to stand out in crisp contrast.

Framing a door or window in a colour that reflects both the outside environment and the interior style creates a good impression from the outset. Here, a frame painted with Plascon Double Velvet Souvenir did the job perfectly.

The generously proportioned floor-sprung pivoting door has visual impact and adds to the indoor/outdoor character of the space. The glass panel alongside it allows visitors to see right through the entrance hall, and also functions to let in light when the door is shut.

Anthony used terracotta herb pots as storage containers and painted them with Plascon Velvaglo Ancient  Vestige, Fossil and Antique.

In the living room, the walls were painted with Plascon Cashmere Empire, an engaging khaki green colour with a grey undertone, providing the perfect foil for the rich wood hues of the stained floor and key pieces of furniture. This useful colour imparts a warm but masculine mood in both urban and period decor schemes.

Textured furniture and accessories are right at home against a colour palette such as this, which draws its inspiration from history, nature and weatherworn artefacts. The success of this scheme lies in the balance between classic, clean-lined pieces and those with an organic character.

The bathroom is a soothing and restful haven thanks to the carefully considered colour marriage of the walls (painted with Plascon Double Velvet Souvenir) and concrete floor (painted with Plascon Velvaglo Midland's Marsh and sealed with Plascon Glazecoat Matt).

Plascon's Cashmere Souvenir, a greyed green, and Legacy, a neutral bone colour, are perfectly paired in the entranceway. When layering colours, make sure they share a tonal value or the effect will be visually jarring.

A sense of spaciousness was retained by keeping the private and public areas free of clutter and the walls relatively unadorned. Furniture with woven qualities and suspended room dividers, rather than solid doors, enhance the airy mood. Earthy paint colours link the spaces and organically inspired furniture provides further synergy between public and private areas.

The modern, streamlined kitchen work island in cast concrete is warmed up with Plascon Cashmere Fossil, while the view through to the garden outside is echoed in a mural of abstract trees painted in Plascon Cashmere Antique.

Open House

One Room Four Looks

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