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Brave new world
The Freeworld Design Centre charts new territory in building design

The bold redevelopment of a defunct hotel into a forward-thinking landmark building is putting its visionary tenant on the map.
(Brush)stroke of genius
Inspired paint techniques add whimsy to this artists home

From a candy-striped studio to an ethereal bedroom, artist Lecia de Waal's home is nothing if not colourfully quirky.
Weather permitting
Living at the mercy of the elements

Being part of an alive, dynamic and always-shifting environment is what the owners of this Glen Beach home love the most about it.
Red Revolution
Paint is a cost-effective dcor solution in outside-building conversions

The daring use of Plascon paint instantly transformed a shoddy outside room into a swinging student pad.
Eastern Promise
Use colour as a springboard for creating the modern orient look

Theres an upbeat new mood to decorating with colour in contemporary interiors and its best expressed in the cultural fusion of east and west.
Take it outside
Architects talk exterior colour

Bold use of colour on home exteriors is a brave step that should emphasise a buildings strong points. Three architects explain how strong accent colours can be used to enhance the design of a house.
Colour Matters
How paint has skyrocketed Parkhursts property prices

There's living proof that the colours chosen by the residents of this trendy Johannesburg suburb have added real value to their homes.
Room to grow
Clever colour tricks for fun play stations

Ensure the spaces kids play, work and sleep in are stimulating and upbeat with these cute paint ideas.
Rainbow nation
Colour provides the beating heart of this Cape community

A declaration of freedom, a statement of expression, a symbol of identity... for the people of Bo-Kaap, colour stands for this, and more.

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