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Colour change
Muted but not monochromatic

Alwyn Burgers apartment shifts gear from dramatic black-and-white to the muted, soothing shades of Plascons Settled palette.
The magpie's nest
Open-plan living

An old barn-style garage became a home in miniature, trimmed with beads and brocade, satin and silk, and with colour used to lay down boundary lines.
Double take
Colour cleverly demarcates work from play in this open-plan apartment

With the help of Plascon paint, an apartment is fine-tuned for dual functioning as office HQ and hub of the home.
At work and play
Paint fuels the creative spirit in this corporate playroom for adults

How do you promote creativity in a high-stress office environment? With an inspired chill room that is the interior-design equivalent of a smile.
The big blue
Soft, broken whites and gentle pastels meet an indigo expanse of ocean

This home in a marine reserve is the epitome of seaside living, and has the colours to prove it.
Reflections in time
Rooms with a view

Be inspired by this tranquil home where the colours and moods shift with the ever-changing light.
Calming white and blue opens onto an expanse of ocean at Villa Luna

Take your colour cue from this romantic Mediterranean villa and turn your home into a relaxing haven.
Keeping company
Playing with colour at work

The strategic use of soft, earthy neutrals beautifully softens the stark lines and bright colours of a contemporary creative office.
Urban legend
Inner-city relic turned Jozi-chic

As far as modern shopping complexes go, its often a case of seen one, seen them all. But not so with Joburg's 44 Stanley where eye-catching colour adds to the unique experience.

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